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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

What do you do with all the Halloween Candy?

With Halloween quickly approaching most of us are getting ready for the candy invasion. In my house all the candy gets put together and put up and used as a treat. I have heard so many different things people do with candy after Halloween. I know my husband and I end up eating half of the candy.

Some people are like us and just combine all the candy together. I have also heard of some who keep each kids candy separate and just for the kid who received it. If you keep the candy there are fun ways to include it is desserts and such like milkshakes, homemade ice cream, or baking into cakes.
You can also use the candy as a nice math tool. You can count the different types, teach how to make graphs and charts of the types of candy, and sort by types. Over at you can learn how to use the candy for science experiments.

 If you don't want to keep all the candy there are also many things you can do with it. Groups like Operation Shoebox and Operation Gratitude, which support our troops, will gladly take donations of candy to send to the troops. Click here for shipping instructions. You can check and see if your local hospital is accepting donations maybe for the children who weren't able to get out and trick or treat themselves. Ronald Mcdonald House also takes candy donations. There are some dentists that take in the candy and exchange it for fun non-food treats and then they send the candy to the troops. Check here to find a participating dentist near you.
What do you guys do with all your candy? Do you have any ideas not listed?

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