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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Cincinnati Zoo Field trip

So of course if you read my posts you know my girls do online school. Yesterday we attended a school field trip to the Cincinnati Zoo. It was a great experience.

We started off in the Animal Experience. We got to learn about and pet an armadillo, a ball python and a Turaco (a bird from Africa). This was very fun and educational and a great experience for the kids. I myself enjoyed it, but wasn't too fond of the snake.

After the animal experience we headed on over to the elephants. They were outside and eating some hay/straw. We got to learn about how they use their trunks and that they actually have 100,000 muscles that make up their trunks!! That truly is amazing.
Next we headed over to the Africa exhibit. First up was Giraffe ridge. They were being fed and just walking around. There are 2 baby giraffes whom are so cute. We also seen the lions, cheetahs (which is my 7 year olds favorite), spotted dogs, ostrich, meerkats and lots more.

Also in Africa is the very popular hippos. I am sure many of you have heard about our zoo's baby hippo, Fiona. She became pretty famous back in January when she was born premature. She is now 8 months old and doing amazing. She is just like any other baby hippo and was quite playful today when we seen her. She is so cute!!

Fiona is the main thing we really wanted to see, but enjoyed seeing the rest of the zoo. We seen big cats, lots of different primates (orangutans, bonobos, and more), bears and so many animals. We even somewhat got to see the baby rhino.

I love the fact our zoo in the children's zoo area has a nursery where they put some of the newborn animals where you can see them. Yesterday there were a bear-cat, armadillos, and bat-eared foxes.
We have a tradition we like to do when it comes to pictures. We have a membership, so we like to go at least once a month and we have different pictures we try to take at certain locations when we go. Today was no different. Here is one of our favorite photo spots.
If you haven't been and you are local or plan on coming to the area I would definitely recommend a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo. It truly is an amazing experience. We will be going a few more times this year. Be on the lookout for a post later in the year on the Festival of Lights.


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