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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Cracker Barrel Review

Tonight we went to eat at Cracker Barrel located at 615 Ring Rd. Harrison, OH 45030. When we arrived they were not too busy so we were able to be seated immediately. The lady working the greeting desk was very attentive and friendly That is good when you have four kids with you. They gave all four kids coloring mats and kids’ menus. They also asked if we would like a booster seat for our two-year-old. We said yes. Their booster seats actually attach to their chairs and have buckles to keep them in, unlike all other restaurants I have been to.  This was nice as my son likes to try to move around a lot. Once we were seated the server made us aware of the special of the day which was a Turkey Dinner. She also took our drink orders and asked if we were ready to order or needed more time. We needed a little more time and the waitress gave us the perfect amount of time where we didn’t have to wait long before placing our order. The waitress, who was named Tori, was very patient as the kids changed their minds or had trouble making their minds up of what to eat.  She was very friendly and understanding. She made sure to let us know what came with what types of meals and what our options were. Once we placed our order we played the little game that is at every table. I like that they provide entertainment for everyone. We waited about 15 minutes for our food to arrive at the table after placing our order.  I ordered the chicken and dumplings with a salad and macaroni and cheese. My husband ordered the chicken and dumplings with mashed potatoes and hash brown casserole. Two of my kids ordered the grilled chicken tenders with macaroni and cheese, one ordered a hamburger (which they asked how we wanted the hamburger cooked never been anywhere that does that) with home style fries, and my last ordered grilled cheese with macaroni and cheese. All of the food was perfectly cooked and tasted amazing. It was beyond our expectations. Our server made sure we had everything we needed. My husband and I had sweet tea to drink and when we would need more she would bring a pitcher to fill our cups up. We never had to ask for more. As we emptied our plates the waitress made sure to get them off the table so that we wouldn’t have empty plates covering the table.  We were so full from the amazing dinner that we sadly had no room for dessert. On a scale of 1 to 5 I would rate our experience a 5 and I would definitely recommend this business to a friend and to everyone. The atmosphere is great, the people are friendly and the food is simply amazing. They are family friendly and very accommodating. I and the kids also love that there is a store attached to the restaurant and loved looking around. We will definitely be returning to this restaurant. 

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