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Wednesday, May 9, 2018


As we are here 5 months into the year already I am thinking about my goals. When it comes to my goals I have my daily goals, things I hope to and need to accomplish each day. Then comes my weekly goals. These are what needs to be accomplished over the week and may take a little bit longer. My monthly goals come next and may be a bigger project or something. Last is my long term goals that are things I want to accomplish, but don't necessarily have a set time to get done or may take a long time to meet. I also separate my life/family goals and my social media goals.

My daily goals change every day obviously, hence why they are daily goals. They usually pertain to getting a chore done around the house or getting an appointment scheduled or going to an appointment. Nothing really extravagant. As far as social media goes I try to set a number of posts to post, or write up new posts, something along those lines.

My weekly goals aren't super different from my weekly goals and my daily goals may stem from my main weekly goal. For the week I may want to earn a certain amount of money from my side jobs, so I have to find hours and work those to try to get to my amount and find which days I can work. I often break down my bigger goals into smaller weekly goals.

My monthly goals are often money oriented. I set a goal of how much money I want to save each month. I may set a goal of so many social media posts a month. i often also set a goal of getting a certain amount of followers a month or comments.

My big goals that dont have a certain time limit is mostly social media related. Right now my main goals are getting to a certain amount of followers on each of my social medias as follows:

Facebook: 500
Instagram: 5000
Twitter: 5000
Pinterest: 5000
Blog:5000 views/month average
Youtube: 100

I set these goals high and celebrate milestones of each. I am currently closing in on 400 for my facebook page. I don't gain a lot of likes in this, which is why my goal is lower. On my Instagram i am just a few followers away from 1,500 which is one of my mini goals on my way to 5,000. My Twitter is on it's way to 1,300. My Pinterest is pushing 1,600 followers. My blog here is a bit different. Although I would really love followers, but my main goal is to get a steady flow of visitors and would love repeat visitors. My youtube only has a little over 30 followers, and I would love to get to 100 and get many views.

What kind of goals do you have?

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