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Friday, March 2, 2018

March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

As many of you might know, or maybe you don't know, my 5 year old son Louie has cerebral palsy. They aren't sure the exact cause of his CP but it is believed to be caused by meningitis he had at 2 months old caused by contaminated formula. For our family, as well as every other CP family, every day is CP awareness to us. To others who don't understand, we want to try to bring as much awareness and understanding as possible. This is where the month of March comes in. Here are all my posts on CP and other topics that relate. I would love for you to read and share to bring awareness to all.

Therapies and Ect Galore
Things Parents Of Kids With Special Needs Want You to Know
Life of a special needs mom
Cerebral palsy awareness month
Special Needs Awareness-Not All Disabilities Are Visable
Your guide to IEPs and 504s
Advice for special needs parents just starting their journey from veteran special needs parents
World CP Day 2017

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