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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Update on everything

Hello everyone. It's been a while since I did an update. I have been staying pretty busy with my new job, been there almost a month now. I am really enjoying it, but it has been a big transition since I went from being a SAHM haven't worked in almost 8 years to working 40 hours a week. Everyone is doing pretty well with the transition though, which is great.

I myself have been having a few problems lately. I found out I have some MTHFR mutations which can cause problems. I went to hematology where they said it's not a big deal (this is a big disagreement between doctors) and that it's only sometimes associated with blood clots and checked my homocistine levels which were high but he said they weren't high enough to treat. Lately I have been having chest pains that come and go and getting really dizzy. I really don't know what to attribute it to, but I am pushing on.

Bella got diagnosed with Specific learning disorder in reading. We are working on getting her an IEP. She is also going to be getting evaluated for ADD and ODD. Other than that she is doing pretty good.

Kaya is anxiously awaiting her 7th birthday in March. We are going to go roller skating. Her health is doing OK. We discovered she might not have the type of EDS we thought she had and will likely be going through some tests here in the next few months. She has been doing her exercises and trying to strengthen and work on muscles and learning to not hyper-extend herself. She is still having headaches pretty frequently. She also just lost another tooth.

Louie is doing ok. It has seemed his absent seizures are starting to increase again, hoping we don't have to put him back on medicine again. He had his 5 year check up last week and failed his hearing test. He got sent to Childrens where they did a test and he passed. His pediatrician looking through his chart said some sort of levels have been getting worse over the past few years so may end up needing hearing aids in the near future. This was one of our fears from the antibiotics he was on at 2 months for the meningitis they said it could cause hearing loss. We are getting ready to soon enroll him for next school year in kindergarten and start the IEP process with him.

Silas is doing great!! He is learning to count. He can tell you his name (or whatever nickname he wants to go by at the time) and his age. He counts pretty well to 10. He is so smart. His health is doing pretty great right now, really nothing to talk about. Starting to plan his 3rd birthday here in about 2.5 months. Next school year he will get to start preschool!!

We are looking for later this year to get out of where we are now and move into an actual house. This is very exciting and going to be a big step. I am really looking forward to it.

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