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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Practice Makes Perfect During the Pandemic

 Have your kids been missing out on dance lessons? While the pandemic has thrown off

everyone’s regimen, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up a semblance of your old routine. In

fact, now might be the ideal time to set up a studio space to play with some styles — try a few

new steps and work on your form. While it won’t replace formal instruction, when you can return

to the studio, you’ll be ready to dance up a storm with these tips courtesy of Crazy Mommy!

Hone Skills and Learn New Ones

Trying to establish an in-home routine isn’t the same as going to a professional. Your dance

buddies aren’t there, the instructors can’t engage you directly, and you don’t have the space

and equipment that a professional studio offers. However, the next best thing is in-home

practice, and that begins with finding your inspiration.

● Stream sessions. You don’t have to totally miss out on the studio since you can

participate in fun virtual classes.

● Embrace a classic. Ballet is centuries old and still alive and well, and the basics carry

over into other dance styles.

● Try new flavors. If your home routine gets dull, spice it up with a little salsa.

● Add old school moves. Give the 90s a nod by tossing some hip hop into your regimen.

● Click and clack away. Just for kicks, another idea is to toss in some tap.

Your Space, Your Way

Having your own studio space tailored to your needs ensures you can practice whenever

inspiration strikes. Contemplate what areas in your home are out of the way and underused,

and think about what it will take to make it into your dream studio.

● See yourself. Mirrors are a must-have! You can buy Mylar sheeting as an inexpensive

solution; it comes in under $35 per roll.

● Brighten the space. Think about what types of lighting the space will need.

● Quiet down. Unless your studio is in an outbuilding, garage, or basement, noise might

be a problem, so you may want to soundproof your space.

● What’s underfoot. Dancing is definitely a full-body sport. To help avoid strains and

injuries, choose flooring that will keep you comfortable and safe.

● Keep it clean. Aim for a hygienic studio space.

Maintain Your Motivation

Dance is good for you, and you already know that. But you might not realize just how good for

you it is. As you contemplate your project and setting up a routine, focus on the carrot at the end

of the stick.

● Body and mind. Dancing is loaded with physical and mental health benefits, from better

cardio fitness to stress reduction.

● Personal space. Your household has likely spent a lot of time together over the last

year, so this is your chance to be alone.

● Home improvement. Your house is your biggest investment, so sprucing it up with a

new studio is one great way to enhance its value.

Are you ready to create your own home studio? A place to practice gives you a chance to stay

in shape and decompress. What’s more, it ensures you keep up — and even improve — your

hard-earned skills. When you get back into the professional studio, you’ll wow your instructor

with your improvement!

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