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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Feeling a little defeated

Today I had a developmental and behavioral doctor appointment with my oldest who is almost 8. She has been my healthy one pretty much.  She has her learning problem but that's her only real diagnosis,  for now.  After talking with them  today they want her to have a full psychological evaluation as well as occupational therapy and Speech and language evaluations.  They are also referring her to the sleep doctors.  This all was definitely not what I wanted to hear.  Don't get me wrong I knew something was up since she was little but I had been hoping maybe it was just a stage and that she would eventuality out grow it but as she has gotten older behaviors have changed some but gotten worse not improved.  I try to stay strong,  but some days it really gets me down.  I don't want my kids to have to see all these doctors and get tests done,  I would rather them just be carefree kids.  With some things though it is in their best interest to not ignore things.  This is to help her and others really before she gets too much older and bigger and someone gets hurt.
On a good note the girls got their hair cut yesterday.  It was long overdue and their hair looks much better now.  I also decided to color my hair.  It is now aqua.  The girls have been on spring break this week so it's been a relatively slow week.  Now if only it would start feeling like spring.

Louie my 5 year old has his big autism evaluation coming up here in 2 weeks from today.  Getting a bit nervous about that too although we have to wait 4 weeks after that to get the results so in 6 weeks we will have answers.

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