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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Steak and shake Experience

As a family we like to eat out sometimes. We like to visit different local favorites, and we have a few local favorites. One of the restaurants we frequent is Steak and Shake located at 10181 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45251.
The service there is usually decent but slow. They have been trying to improve on that lately. The workers are usually pretty friendly. Last night we tried to make a trip there as we had a gift card and received a bad experience. It was late, around midnight so at first I tried the drive thru. It was very busy, about 10 cars ahead of me and it wasn't moving at all. I sat for about 10 minutes before deciding to go inside to order where they weren't very busy. I went to order the food at the counter and as I was sitting looking at the menu the lady working the counter very rudely said " you know we are only taking cash right?" I let her know I had a digital gift card and was seeing if it could be typed in since they couldn't swipe cards. She again got rude and told me "it can't be typed in we can only take cash." I was not very happy at the rudeness of this worker.
Today I made a call in to the manager and he was very friendly and helpful. He informed me politely that they had a big card system shutdown last night and the gift cards are part of that. He also said the worker last night should have been polite in her explaining and that she had no need to be rude at all. The manager said although he couldn't fix what we had to miss the night before, he could give us all free shakes on our next trip in. Since we were still wanting Steak and shake we made a dinner trip there and had a great experience. The workers were polite. The service was very fast and our milkshakes and food were amazing. The manager said he has only been there a little over a month and he is trying to turn the store around, and it seems he is doing a good job at trying. I would recommend this restaurant or check out your local Steak and shake. Where else can a family of 6 eat for $20!! Great food and great prices.
Have you had a bad experience at a restaurant? Leave your thoughts and experiences below.

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