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Monday, July 24, 2017

Half way there!!

3....we are 3 weeks into our wait for genetics testing results and we have 3 weeks to go!! These 3 weeks have actually gone by pretty fast, but at the same time 3 weeks seems so long to still have to wait.
This week we actually have no appointments. The girls are going to Vacation Bible school this week which they are so happy and excited. Dad is working today and tomorrow, maybe Thursday. Other than that this is a pretty slow week so not much to keep my mind off of things this week. Yesterday me and a family member who are trying to get in shape decided to get brave and we went on a 8 mile long walk!!
Next week we have a few appointments on the 1st Bella has her 7 year check up. On the 3 Kaya has her full spinal MRI to make sure she doesn't have any problems with her scoliosis or a tethered cord or anything. We are really hoping for good results from that. The following week she will follow up with her neurosurgeon.
Still also waiting on my moms birth certificate it should be here within the next week. We are quite anxious for it. Hoping it comes soon and can lead us somewhere.

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