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Friday, August 8, 2014

Prenatal Appointment schedule

Some of you are moms, some are pregnant, and some want to be pregnant now or in the future. One big question is how many appointments will I have and when are my major appointments and what happens? Here is a schedule of appointments please note these weeks are approximate but some tests must be done at certain points:

4 weeks: Optional blood test to confirm pregnancy
8 weeks: this is around the time when most doctors have you come in for the first time. There is usually the first ultrasound to do a dating scan to get an accurate due date. Your medical history will be taken as well as a physical exam done. They will do blood work, urinalysis, STD testing, and a pap smear if one hasn't been done recently.
12 weeks: You can have the Nuchal Translucency test done which is blood work and an ultrasound to test for Down Syndrome.
11-12 weeks: Optional Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS). This is a prenatal test that checks for genetic defects such as Down Syndrome, other trisomies, sex chromosome abnormalities, and more.This test is invasive and carries a slight risk of miscarriage so it is recommended only for those at high risk.
15-20 weeks: Optional Amniocentesis. This is like the CVS but this can also test for neural tube defects. This carries a risk of miscarriage.
16 weeks: Quad screen blood test for neural tube defects and Down Syndrome.
20 weeks: Full Anatomy scan and gender reveal.
24 weeks: blood glucose test for Gestational Diabetes
28 weeks: fetal heartbeat
32 weeks: fetal heartbeat
34 weeks: fetal heartbeat
36 weeks: Group B strep test. You will get a swab done to check for Group B strep. If it is positive you will receive antibiotics during labor.
37 weeks: cervical check
38 weeks: cervical check
39 weeks: cervical check
40 weeks: cervical check

also normally at each visit you will also have a urine test done. You may receive more ultrasounds. The number depends on your doctor, insurance, and if you have any complications.

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