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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Blogtober day 2: my favorite Halloween movies

Halloween and fall is a time lots of people love. It starts to cool down, we get to decorate, and there are lots of movies dedicated to Halloween and fall. Here are my favorites:
1) Hocus Pocus- I'm sure we have all seen this movie about the 3 witches brought back on Halloween and they want to get all the children. Stars Bette Midler. This is one of my favorite movies ever and i love watching it every year.

2) Halloweentown series- this set of Disney movies are like my top favorite movies of all time besides Harry Potter. For those who don't know the serious starts with a girl who ends up discovering she's a witch as is her mom and grandma. The series watches her and her siblings  grow and learn as witches and warlocks and go on different adventures. I look forward to watching these every year and i even sometimes watch them throughout the year.

3) It's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown- i grew up watching this every year and i still look forward to it coming on every year. Watching the holiday themed Charlie Brown shows is a family tradition that i had growing up and continue on with my kids.

4) Casper-centered around ghosts and Halloween time this is a great Halloween movie that also is funny and even makes me tear up a little at times.

That is it for my list. Yes it's short and it doesn't include any scary movies. I am not a huge fan of scary movies although i will watch them from time to time. Tell me in the comments what your favorite Halloween/fall movies are.

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