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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Louie is 5!!!

5 years ago today my oldest son and third child came into this world. I had been having contractions for about 3-4 weeks at that point. I was at 37 weeks. My birthday had been 6 days before when I first hoped he would be born. Another day I hoped he would be born was this day, for this day 6 years ago my grandpa whom I was very close to passed away. I hoped my first son would be born that day in memory of his great-grandpa and he was. The night before I was uncomfortable all night. The next day my oldest daughter stayed home from daycare and my other daughter had an evaluation with daycare that morning. I was uncomfortable the whole time, but didn't think too much of it. Around 2pm or so I decided we would head in to the hospital, hoping maybe it was finally time, but was doubting at the same time. We got to the hospital they checked me I was 3cm which I had been for weeks. They did blood work because my blood pressure was high and I had been being watched for preeclampsia and was told to walk for an hour to see if I changed any. My blood wok came back I had preeclampsia so they said if I wasn't in labor I would be induced. They checked me and I was 4cm, I was in labor!!! They got me in a room and got me all settled let me labor a little then came in to break my water. When they went to break it, they realized they weren't feeling a head, so they ordered an ultrasound. Sure enough, little dude had turned breech and his feet were at the bottom. I was told since I was in labor they couldn't turn him and it was too dangerous to try to deliver breech, so I had to have a c-section. By this point my mom had got my other daughter from daycare and had her there. Hubby had to run home to get things for the girls to go to the sitter, as we really hadn't been ready. They said they would try to give him an hour to get back before taking me in, but if I started dilating too fast or anything they would have to take me. He was gone just about an hour when they decided to check me and I was 9cm, They told me I had to go in then. I called my husband to see where he was, freaking out telling him they were about to take me back. Luckily he was pulling into the parking garage at that moment. He made it to the room just as I was being wheeled to the OR. I was so nervous, but my husband was by my side, and Louis John Owens Jr. came into this world at 10:45PM on November 8,2012.

Although he was healthy at birth, things quickly changed and the first few months were very rough. He was in and out of the hospital, was in the PICU at 2 weeks old on a ventilator we didn't know if he would make it. At 2 months old he had meningitis and again scared us wasn't sure how things would turn out. The first year was so scary, with the first 6 months the worst. At 6 months he started seizures.

First month

1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

5 months

6 months

Finally his 1st birthday rolled around. It was a miracle to be at that point after everything he had been through. He still wasn't all better and we still didn't know why everything had happened or what the future held, but we were glad to have made it to that point.

The next year wasn't nearly as rough, and avoided hospital stays, but started our therapies and doctor appointments all the time. We searched for answers and didn't have many. This was the start of his cerebral palsy diagnosis, although he wasn't officially diagnosed and he got his epilepsy diagnosis. By time his 2nd birthday came around, we were in a better place of knowledge and acceptance. 

His third year was pretty good. He got his CP diagnosis. He also became a big brother. Therapies and doctor visits still continued. Health wise he was pretty good, nothing major going on, for which we were very thankful. His third birthday was a big milestone, as it meant he could finally start preschool.

first day of preschool

Over the next year, Louie really came out of his shell. He made great strides physically. By the end of his fourth year he was able to not have to wear his orthotics that he had been wearing since he was 1. He started to show interest in other kids, although he was very choosy in whom he played with. By time he turned 4 we were very proud of him. 

The past year has gone by so fast. He has learned to count to 10. He knows his colors. He can say the alphabet to G. He is generally pretty happy. He is very much a boy. He has recently learned how to ride a bike without training wheels and is quite the daredevil. He lost his first tooth. He is still very limited in his friends having only 2 kids he really plays with. Physically he is pretty good, not too far behind. He doesn't let anything slow him down.

Today he turns 5. That in itself is a miracle. It is another milestone, because now he is old enough so that next school year he can start kindergarten. He is very excited for that. In the past 5 years he has been through a LOT and has a long list of diagnoses. He has CP, Epilepsy, ADHD, intellectual disability, periodic limb movement disorder, autistic tendencies, genetic mutations, and a bunch of things that go along with everything. Too much excitement can send him into a meltdown and sometimes send him into random fevers. We take each day as it comes and are happy to be where we are.

Happy 5th birthday baby boy

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